You wondering what I wore?

October 6, 2014


Wow, I can literally say that this was one of my favorite photo shoot locations so far. We went up this time and I could almost touch the sky. There’s an old hotel in the center of Prishtina and on the 13th floor there is a bar/club that has two huge terraces, from where did the photo shoot. It was around 6:00 pm, the sun was setting and Prishtina looked just beautiful from above….that view.

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As for the outfit: If I have to be honest, I most definitely run errands on my sweatpants and sneakers, probably not wearing a drop of makeup. You guys might have already noticed that from my previous posts also, I don’t apply much make up, I am one big fan of natural looks and totally believe that people look way better with less make up on. I went all natural this time as well and chose this above seen outfit, which might fall into the ‘casual outfit’ category…but I just love casual and I love the feeling that such outfits give me, so stylish and comfortable.

What do you girls prefer, casual, chic, elegant? Tell me more….

MANGO Blazer
H&M One Piece
Calliope Hat
ZARA Purse
Besian Durmishi

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