What I’d Wear…

December 5, 2014

Heey guys,

I’m sharing today some outfit looks that I would definitely wear. I got inspired by these outfits and I will choose to wear something like this during the weekend. Hope you got inspired as well.

I’d really like to know which one is your favorite? So, please tell me.

Happy Friday and I hope you all have a spicy weekend! <3


Tung tung,

Sot i zgjedha disa prej veshjeve qe une i kisha veshur dhe te cilat me pelqyen shuume! Une u inspirova nga keto veshje, keshtu qe po shpresoj qe edhe ju po inspiroheni per nje nate te Premte te trente haaa!

Shume kisha pase qef me dite po ashtu se cila veshje nga keto ju pelqen me se shumti! <3



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