January 25, 2016

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Happy Monday everyone. Today I am sharing a new outfit post and I hope you like it. I was in Thessaloniki during the weekend so I took some time to shoot my outfit. I am in literally in love with my vintage jacket, I bought it in Tirana last year during summer and I just couldn’t wait to wear it. I love unique pieces like this one and I was super happy when I found it. 35 64

It’s Monday and I am sure most of you are ready for new fresh starts, therefore, I’ve created a daily health checklist to give you some courage and inspiration to begin your week in a healthier and better way.

  • Drink water, lots of it!
  • Eat a fruit or veggie at every meal.
  • Wake up a sweat.
  • Try to sleep 8 HRS.
  • Take a moment to stretch.
  • Walk, bike, or take the stairs.
  • Have good posture.

Most importantly….Laugh & Smile! 🙂



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