July 16, 2015

Lindex shesh14

One of those nights, when the world seems entirely yours and you feel infinite. All you need is that dress, the colorful one so you make some light right there. That perfect dress that not only enhances femininity in every woman but in a way it also express irony. And yes, I am one of those people who gets utterly attached to some clothing pieces, someone might think that is only a piece of cotton but to me it definitely is much more than ‘that.’ that piece makes me feel a certain way, and I just love that feeling.

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This dress though gives me that particular emotion: where I imagine a perfect summer night in a rooftop party wearing this dress. The dress which brings out the best of me and I cannot feel anything else but myself.

So go out, buy the dress or the pair of shoes you wanted but don’t just think of them as materialistic pieces..they’re much more than that. But you have to feel them, appreciate them, by hook or by crook you have to get attached to them. It always turns out good, or even turns out best!

Nje prej atyre neteve, kur bota duket se eshte e jotja dhe ndihesh e pafund. Krejt qka te duhet edhe ai fustan, per te shkelqyer. Ai fustan perfekt i cili jo vetem tregon femininitet ne secilen femer por ne te njejten kohe shprehe edhe ironi. Dhe po une jam nje prej atyre personave qe lidhen emocionalisht me ndonje cope veshje. Dikush mendon se eshte vetem nje cope materiali por per mua eshte diqka me shume. Me ben te ndihem ne nje menyre te vecante.

Ky fustan te cilin kam veshur sot pershtat shume me ndonje ambient veror, nje nate verore e nxehte duke e veshur ate fustan. Ky fustan i cili sjelle ne pah personalitetin tim dhe me lejon te ndihem vetja ne te.

Keshtu qe, ne qoftese keni ndonje fustan ne mendje qe ju ben te ndiheni keshtu, blejeni dhe mos mendoni dy here, per shkak se do te ju bej te ndiheni mire.



Dress by Lindex
Shoes by Topshop

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