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August 12, 2017

Whoever said bloggers only talk about clothes and make-up….was wrooong. As a blogger being active on social media is quite important, since my readers and followers always expect to see something new from my feed, either blog or Instagram, or any other social media. I try to be as active as possible, but sometimes in the midst of all the madness of shooting, going to uni, studying, completing assignments and all that, I tend to forget my charger home and not be active for a whole day, which sucks.

Well, after being introduced to TYLT my life became way easier. I love some of their products because they are so useful in different situations, so I had to share this information with you since, I am sure most of you need these products in your life as well.

Please see some of my favorite ones below:

Sliding Power Case:
This one is one of my favorites at the moment, since I am able to charge my phone anywhere  and the whole time. Despite being a charger on its own, it is also a very protective cover, even if the phone drops, nothing will happen to it, every bloggers’ dream, I know. Unfortunately, the power case it out of stock at the moment but they will definitely restock it, so check the website often to get the latest updates.Power backpack:
To me, this power backpack is certainly another essential. The previous one has the option for charging your phone but this power bag is capable of simultaneously providing a full charge to different devices at once: for instance, your phone, tablet, laptop, etc, amazing, literally. Despite desperately needing my phone all the time, the laptop is another product, that I as a blogger have to use very often, either for replying to hundreds of e-mails, or just sitting in the middle of nowhere and writing a new blog post. So, being introduced to the power bags has definitely made my life easier and better, hah. 

Mini boom:
Other very useful products, based on my taste, are the speakers. I literally want to listen to music all day everyday, regardless of where I am. I found this speaker very useful because it is quite small and it fits my bag perfectly, thus I can take it anywhere with me. I live in Barcelona and the possibility of ending somewhere at the beach is very high, even if not planned at all. I  certainly love being able to listen to music while at the beach so the mini boom has become my every day companion lately. 

Have an amazing weekend my fantastic readers. Also, if you decide to get any of the aforementioned products, please share your thoughts on them with me afterwards, I would love to know what you think.


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