July 31, 2015


You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off you two! While I’m enjoying some Lauryn Hill tunes I also think of how pretty these two dresses are, from Lindex, oh yes of course!

25 26 27 28 29 30I guess I am not the only one of trying and playing with prints during summer time: so many colors and so many prints – summer vibes babes.

For this post I also chose to wear these outfits which were full printed: this bohemian dress on black and white and also the blue/white romper and I loved them just the same, really. I am also highly in love with the hat, the color of it is just purrffeectt! Can’t wait to take it with me on my next trip to the sea, which is coming soon…

What do you guys think of my outfits? And yes if you need some inspiration for this Friday, check out my previous post (here) where I am rocking a white, summerish dress, haa!



Lindex Kosova

Mmmm, shume shpesh po ndalem dhe po mendoj per shume minuta se si te i perkthej disa fjale nga Anglish ne Shqip, per shkak se nuk po tingllojne aspak mire L. Mirepo, po provoj per juve, natyrisht.

Per derisa isha nen tingujt e Lauryn Hill, mendoja per keto dy veshje se sa te bukura jane, nga Lindex Kosova.

Besoj qe nuk jam e vetmja qe preferoj te vesh shume ngjyra dhe printe gjate kohes se veres. Per kete post I zgjodha po ashtu keto dy veshje me printe te ndryshme.

Cfare mendoni per keto dy veshje ju? Poashtu ne qoftese keni nevoje per inspirim per kete te Premte, mos harroni me e kontrollu postin e kaluar, ketu.

Kaloni nje te Premte te bukuuur,


Lindex Kosova

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