January 31, 2016


Looking good is a boost to self esteem and self-esteem is an aid to professional success as well as personal and romantic well-being. I’m unarguably happy for the existence of blow-dries, waxing and manicures. To stay chipper, it’s vital to know, how to find joy in small things along the way: a new lipstick, a P.G. Wodehouse novel, a sunny day, a perfect mushroom soup, a great pair of shoes. These things may be small in themselves, but they add up to something important.  Continue Reading…



January 28, 2016

fbA88A0500 fbA88A0513‘How would you define your style?’ Is a question I get asked quite often, from my followers, magazines, journalists, etc. It might sound like such a simple question to others, but personally I think it’s quite hard one to answer. I think my style is very eclectic and changes so much. I really like casual looks but I also pay attention to details to make the look more stylish. In fact think that I don’t put much effort on choosing my outfits and my they often depend on my mood. If I’m feeling like wearing something colorful, I go for the colors, if not I go for ‘all black’ outfits. So definitely, my style depends on different circumstances: like the way I feel, my surroundings, the music I listen to that day and many other aspects. Continue Reading…



January 25, 2016

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Happy Monday everyone. Today I am sharing a new outfit post and I hope you like it. I was in Thessaloniki during the weekend so I took some time to shoot my outfit. I am in literally in love with my vintage jacket, I bought it in Tirana last year during summer and I just couldn’t wait to wear it. I love unique pieces like this one and I was super happy when I found it. Continue Reading…