August 12, 2016

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As PINK is the color of the season I’m trying to add as many PINK pieces as possible, I just love how it makes me look all sassyyy! I am also in love with MOM/High waisted/Vintage Jeans and all these. I can say that only this summer I’ve bought like 5 pairs of high-waisted jeans. I am really happy though since the trend is continuing this autumn as well so, I can wear some of them also during autumn season and look super-duper stylish. Continue Reading…

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August 8, 2016

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I’m sick of has beens
Coming home
I’m coming home
To the warmth
And It’s madness

As I’m working on this new post I’m listening to some @jungle tunes. The lyrics makes me escape to another reality and I’ve come to the conclusion that music gives me utmost inspiration with my blog.

Just as the wind whips my hair in these pictures, I am currently being whipped by the lyrics of this song.


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July 21, 2016

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Given that my outfit represents the definition of school/uni girl and since I am totally feeling like one, I thought of sharing some lessons I’ve learned throughout years. Some of these life lessons we actually get to hear quite often and sometimes they might seem as cliché, but deep down I believe that these should be mentioned and emphasized every now and then. Continue Reading…

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July 15, 2016

I could bet all the riches that I ever had
Rushing the night like a shark babe
Would it be bad
If I had to set the alarm
Cause those thrills that run up my back
You are my star
Nothing else can lead me off track

you like a wildfire
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