January 11, 2017


Jan 11, 17

I shot these pics a few weeks ago but due to tons of assignments and a bit of partying had no time to sit down write and post them. Currently chilling to some ‘childish gambino’ vibes and felt like bringing it on.

Past month in Barcelona has been busy: classes at uni everyday, lots of assignments and readings, exams and all that, well this is what getting a masters degree is all about. Apart from that I had to move to a new apartment, which was quite difficult, moving all the stuff (lord, it was a lot of things, don’t know how I managed to buy that much in only 4 months), and dealing with the landlord wasn’t the easiest thing possible, but yeah, seems like it is over.

It is fun though, the whole experience. Studying as much as possible, cooking for myself, cleaning and doing the chores and in the end trying to bring something to you via my blog. Feels good and def gives me the idea of how adult life pretty much looks like. At the same time teaches me how to balance between work, passion and fun.

The outfit I wore during this shoot is quite simple, yet in my opinion, the five petal beauty brings enough emotion to it. right?

have a good evening xxx

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December 7, 2016

1_245tumblr_o0d5m4eHgP1uue8a4o1_1280 3_39Some people might not actually understand, but the way fashion and clothes make me feel is quite exceptional. To me clothing is a part of life in so many ways – as a uniform and armour for the day, as a way of defining my identity, as a form of expression, as a quick-hit shopping cheer-up. So, if you are someone like me: totally hooked on photography, style, clothing, fashion, then you easily get me. Continue Reading…



November 22, 2016

1 3 4 5 6
Urban Outfitters Sweatshirt
ZARA Jeans
Stan Smith Adidas Sneakers



November 15, 2016

What’s more essential during Fall than sweaters? They just keep us so warm and trendy at the same time. To be honest during Fall and Winter I prefer to cover myself in sweaters the whole time, I just feel super comfy and warm wearing them. Since I am a fan of sweaters and lately also a fan of SheIn.com, we teamed up for this new post. So, basically I am giving you guys plenty of sweater ideas that you can order from SheIn.com. Even if you happen not to like any of the ones that I recommend, they have endless options that I am sure will fit your unique style.

Check out below the ones that I’ve liked most:

1sWhite Ribbed Knit Sweater With Patch Detail
2s        Burgundy Turtleneck Drop Shoulder Sweater 


Burgundy Turtleneck Drop Shoulder Sweater 
4sColor Block Funnel Neck Eye Embroidered Sweater
5S 6s
Black Color Block Embroidery Turtleneck Sweater

Don’t forget to check www.shein.com for the warmest, edgiest, darkest, yet hottest sweaters to overcome fall 17 in style!


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