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July 25, 2017

3 Foods That Help To Remove Toxins From The Body

No doubt we live in an era of environmental pollution. We take in a number of pollutants from nature as well as from our home. This can be something from the cigarette smoke, vehicle smoke, dust particles, carpeting, etc. They all are responsible for producing toxins in our body. Once the body is filled with toxins it produces free radicals. For a healthy life, free radicals act as a hindrance. They cause mutation at the cell level which can lead to diseases. So it is necessary to remove toxins and thereby strengthen the immune system of the body. You can achieve this by including certain things in your diet.  Continue Reading…

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July 20, 2017

I definitely do not fall on the ‘own all designer pieces’ spectrum. To me it is way more satisfying to own clothes of relatively casual brands, buuut, every now and then surprise/reward myself with a more expensive designer piece. Also, when the time is right, I prefer getting those pieces online, rather than walking into shops, lazy I know, but I’ve got some good reasons. Frankly, I love online shopping: stumbling on websites, scrolling up and down, not moving from the sofa and ordering what the heart desires (food, ups naah, I meant clothes), 21st century has been very very kind to fashionistas. Continue Reading…

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you never met me

June 18, 2017

What makes my mornings better?

What makes me emotional?

What distracts me from work and studying?

What makes me go crazy dancing?

What makes me experience coup de foudre?

What inspires me most?

It’s called music Continue Reading…



May 24, 2017

Say goodbye to your skirts and pants, it is time to go back to 1980s and wear the blazer as a dress! Well, if you followed the Spring – Summer 2017 shows you definitely noticed this trend coming from various designers, as: Marques’ Almedia, brining a more oversized styled blazer-dress, whereas Alessandra Rich, designed more sexy, yet elegant ones.

Well if you follow me on my Instagram I am sure you noticed so far that I prefer wearing comfy yet stylish clothes: oversized hoodies or oversized t-shirts as dresses. So, the blazer dress was added to my closet immediately when it got into stores like 3 months ago (got it from ZARA), but I finally had the chance to shoot some pictures wearing it.

Hope you like the pics and for more inspiration on blazer dress you can also check the website below:

Also, check out @fashiowncom for latest fashion trends! xx

lots of love,