August 21, 2015

DSC_0014There are times I just want to get away somewhere and spend time with myself only: Times when I would just grab my bike, my music, lay in the grass and not care about anything. When we were shooting these pictures I pictured that kind of situation: I had the bike, the flowers and all I needed was the music. Because sometimes I feel like it is an essential need of mine to experience the world through my eyes without anybody else’s opinion. Continue Reading…


DO’s and DON’Ts

August 19, 2015


Ever felt like you’re comparing yourself and your lifestyle to others? Ever felt like you’ve been living in the past for some time and haven’t noticed that time is passing by? Ever felt like you wanted something so bad but was scared to ask for it? Continue Reading…


Summer White!

August 15, 2015

1Happy Saturday babes!

How’s the weekend going? I came back on Thursday at night from Dhermi, Albania, and yesterday I took the time to rearrange my closet. I am finally able to share some of my pictures with my favorite romper. If you girls don’t know already there is a new place in town, Studio No. 7 that has a variety of clothes coming straight from NYC. I know we struggle to find unique pieces in Prishtina but now it is much easier for us all. I loved all the dresses but chose this white romper since, as you all noticed already I love to wear white especially during summer. I think this piece is perfect for night occasions and I wore it already twice, once in a wedding ceremony and once just for a night out with the girls.

Enjoy the pictures! Continue Reading…



August 10, 2015


Hello loves, how’s everything?

I am sorry for the lack of posts this week, lately I also have been constantly posting and I somehow missed it during this week. But, we decided to come to Dhermi for a few days and the internet here sucks, so that is mainly the reason why I haven’t posted yet.  Continue Reading…