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A day at Dream Nails.

August 31, 2015

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Taking care of one’s nails is is very important to any girl and even more so for women in my profession. I always devote a lot of attention to the smallest details and getting my manicure and pedicure right is a way for me to get to that perfect look. There are numerous choices and designs available out there and this allows anyone to get creative by combining numerous nail colors based on their style. Continue Reading…



August 27, 2015

44253338-58d7-440f-b081-a77712f82255-1654x2040GIGI HADID, the well known model has recently been revealed as the new face of the TOPSHOP A/W 15 Campaign. We love her, we love TOPSHOP brand we also love this perfect combo, so decided to share it with you guys so you can get inspired from TOPSHOP for your first A/W pieces.

GIGI HADID, modelja e njohur së fundmi është shpallur si fytyra e re e fushatës së Topshop për Vjeshte/Dimer 15. Na pelqen shumë Gigi, marka Topshop dhe mendojmë se kombinimi është perfekt. Athëre, deshëm të ju inspirojmë edhe juve sot me disa fotografi nga kjo kampanjë.

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August 25, 2015

BeFunky Collages

Nese keni hasur ndonjehere ne cfardo blogere ne komunitetin e makeup-it, mesiguri se keni qene te interesuara te dini se cfare produkte dhe mjete perdorin ato.  Jo patjeter qe gjithecka te jete perfekte dhe precize ne aplikimin e makeup-it, shumica e blogereve mund te ju drejtojne tek produktet e duhura per makeup, pa pasur nevoje per ndihme profesionale. Ajo cka do perfitoni me se shumti nga rishiqimet e blogit, eshte se te pakten do keni idene se cfare produkti do bleni. Keto jane produktet qe jane shqyrtuar me se shumti nga shumica e blogereve per makeup, por edhe nga ne:

If you have ever surfed on beauty blogs or in the makeup community, you probably have wondered what kind of products and appliances beauty blogs use. Not in need for everything to be perfect and precise in applying makeup; beauty bloggers can really help by pointing you to the right products, without the need for professional help. The reviews will give you the idea of the product you will have in hand before you buy it. These are the products that have been reviewed the most by beauty bloggers and us:

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