September 15, 2015

1Aghh, too bad I am not in New York right now attending all those amazing fashion week shows. Well, hopefully next time. I have been following the shows non-stop online, getting some inspiration from all these new Fall/Winter collections. Actually, I’ve been following the bloggers as well and loved some of the outfit. Leather is definitely having a moment this year: leather boots, leather jacket, leather errrthing.

Aghh, shume keq qe nuk jam ne Javen e Modes ne New York, hmmm shpresoj qe heren tjeter. Kam qene duke i percjellur kolekcionet e shume dizajnereve online dhe natyrsisht qe jam inspiru shume per Vjeshte/Dimer. Ne fakt, me kane pelqyer po ashtu shume veshje te blogereve si Patricia Manfield, Chiara Ferragni, Eleonora Carisi. Continue Reading…


MY HAIR SECRET. pssstttt

September 11, 2015


Well, highlights were a big part of summer 2015. We’ve seen almost every celebrity going for the highlights; however, we could easily state that ‘highlights’ can also drastically differ. From sun-kissed to cool contrasts, chunky to near-invisible, etc etc.

E kemi pare se ‘highlights’ ne floke kane qene shume ne trend gjate veres 2015. Kemi pare shume yje me highlights te ndryshme ne floke dhe stile te lloj llojshme. Continue Reading…



September 9, 2015

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Hmmm, who would have said that we would be wearing jackets this soon? 🙁 Yesterday, as I was planning my outfit for the new post I felt like it was still summer and I could still go for the bare legs. And I did it, but actually it was a bit cold L so, apparently the leather weather is here. I love to wear leather pieces so; in the end I am not that sad about this fact.

Hmmm, kush do te thoshte se kaq shpejte do te veshim jakne? 🙁 Dje, deri sa e planifikioja veshjen e radhes per blog post ndihesha sa ende jemi ne vere dhe mundem te veshi ndonje fund te shkurter si ky. Mirepo, ne fakt ishte mjafte ftot 🙁 siq duket, koha e jakneve te lekures arriti. Jam fanse e madhe e jakneve dhe po ashtu fundave (si ky ne foto) apo pantollanave te lekures, keshtu qe per mua nuk eshte edhe aq keq.

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September 8, 2015


Eksfolimi eshte nje pjese shume e rendesishme per mirembajtjen e lekures. Lekura e njeriut riperterijet qdo dy deri ne kater jave, qe do te thote se qelizat e vdekura te lekures akumulohen dhe e bejne lekuren te duket me e lodhshme. Duke bere eksfolim te lekures, teni juaj do duket me i fresket. Mirepo, shtrohet pytja se a behet eksfolimi ne menyre te njejte si cdo pastrim tjeter i lekures?

Exfoliation is a very important part of taking care of your own skin. Because skin renews itself two to four times per week, the dead skin cells make your face look tired and dull. When you exfoliate, your skin will look fresher. But then the question is asked, is exfoliation made the same way we scrub our skin? Continue Reading…