November 20, 2015

IMG_7866I’m a big fan of testing out natural skin care remedies and as it turns out, there’s a lot you can make with simple ingredients that you probably already have at home. When it comes to the sensitive eye area, there are three ingredients in particular that are proven to de-puff and reduce fine lines: cucumbers, egg whites and chamomile tea. Here’s how to turn those three simple ingredients into your go-to DIY eye masks: Continue Reading…



November 18, 2015

3The past weeks in Prishtina have been just beautiful, even though it’s autumn the sun has been constantly shining.  I’m finally done with all the test so, this week I’m just taking some time to rest but also meeting different people to begin new projects.

Javet e fundit ne Prishtine kane qene teper te bukura. Edhe pse Vjeshta ka ardhe, dielli vazhdimisht po shendrit. Me ne fund i kom perfundu krejt testet, keshtuqe, kete jave kam kohe me pushu po ne te njejten kohe me fillu me takime te ndryshme per projekte te reja.

Well, a new season equals to putting warmer clothes back in the drawers. I rearranged my closet yesterday and to tell you the truth I was a bit sad to remove all my summer pieces from the closet and replace them with autumn/winter pieces.

Pra, nje sezon i ri therret per tesha te reja (me te nxehta) ne dollap. Dje e kam riorganizuar dollapin tim dhe per te ju thene te verteten ndihesha e merzitur pasi u desht te i largoj teshat e veres dhe te i zavendesoj me ato te vjeshtes dhe dimrit. Continue Reading…



November 10, 2015

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7 November, one of the most special days of my life…Woke up at 6:30 AM, as usual…but this time full of stress, didn’t even sleep well because of all the things I had on my mind that night. I get ready slowly; make myself a coffee and starting thinking. I have a 4 hour test (TOEFL) to attend in an hour and then right after I finish everything I just have to get ready for my brother’s wedding. Feels bad not to be part of the family gathering fully on this special day…but sometimes there’s nothing you can do. Continue Reading…



November 4, 2015

2 3Can’t believe it’s been two  weeks since my last post, omg I’ve missed it so much. Writing, photography, my blog in general give me so much energy and positive vibes…feels too good to be back. Well, I have been studying non-stop lately. As I’ve told you already in my previous posts I am currently applying for different Master’s Programs and to get into good universities I should take some tests that require lots of math. Thus, my life lately hasn’t been that exciting.
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Lifestyle, Looks, Travel

What to do, where to eat, what to wear in Istanbul.

October 19, 2015

Those times when I feel like traveling, getting lost in a city, a place where I know almost no one and hardly speak the language. Ever felt like things are not going well and a getaway would make everything easier? Well, I did….and this short getaway to Istanbul definitely made me feel better toward a few things.

I traveled from Prishtina to Istanbul with AlbTours Kosova and everything went pretty smooth. Their team was super efficient and helped me with everything, I am definitely choosing them for my next traveling trip as well.

I wanted to give you a more detailed overview of my stay in Istanbul: about the hotel, places I’ve eaten at, favorite malls and what I wore during these days.21

Where I stayed:  Steigenberger Hotel in Maslak

I stayed at Hotel Steigenberger in Maslak and loved it. My favorite part about this hotel was the room, the view, as well as the convenient location. You get the gorgeous Istanbul view from your room and the rooftop as well. Continue Reading…


Shades of Cool

October 13, 2015

16 17Hello peeps,

Writing from my cozy hotel bed in Istanbul, I really am feeling quite sunny inside regardless of the cloudy and rainy weather outside. Hotel Steigenberger Maslak, where I am staying, is beautiful and has the most gorgeous view. Unfortunately, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Istanbul has been cancelled due to the incident that happened in Ankara last week. Nevertheless, since we are here now, we are trying to make the best out of the city and its dynamics. I am so happy that this time Renea came to Istanbul with me…otherwise it would be quite boring haha.

Tung tuuung,

Tani po shkruaj prej hotelit super te rahatshem ne Stamboll, po ndihna shume mire dhe nxehte edhe pse koha eshte me shi :(. Hotel Steigenberger Maslak, ku po qendroj eshte tepeeer i bukur dhe ka pamjen ma te mire ever, pernime. Fatkeqsisht, Java e Modes Mercedes Benz eshte anuluar per shkak te incidentit qe ndodhi ne Ankara javen e kaluar. Sidoqofte, pasi qe jemi ketu tani po mundohemi te shetisim sa me shume dhe te i shijojme momentet e bukura bashke me Renen.
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