Shades of Cool

October 13, 2015

16 17Hello peeps,

Writing from my cozy hotel bed in Istanbul, I really am feeling quite sunny inside regardless of the cloudy and rainy weather outside. Hotel Steigenberger Maslak, where I am staying, is beautiful and has the most gorgeous view. Unfortunately, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Istanbul has been cancelled due to the incident that happened in Ankara last week. Nevertheless, since we are here now, we are trying to make the best out of the city and its dynamics. I am so happy that this time Renea came to Istanbul with me…otherwise it would be quite boring haha.

Tung tuuung,

Tani po shkruaj prej hotelit super te rahatshem ne Stamboll, po ndihna shume mire dhe nxehte edhe pse koha eshte me shi :(. Hotel Steigenberger Maslak, ku po qendroj eshte tepeeer i bukur dhe ka pamjen ma te mire ever, pernime. Fatkeqsisht, Java e Modes Mercedes Benz eshte anuluar per shkak te incidentit qe ndodhi ne Ankara javen e kaluar. Sidoqofte, pasi qe jemi ketu tani po mundohemi te shetisim sa me shume dhe te i shijojme momentet e bukura bashke me Renen.
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October 7, 2015

2 3

Well, hello babes? How was the past week? I was feeling so good and chill, pretty much all I did was enjoy some time alone at home doing nothing, except listening to music all day long. But starting today I will not have the luxury of ‘chilling all day long.’ I am traveling next week for a big event, you’ll get to know about it on Instagram in two days, so don’t forget to follow me. So, everything needs to be perfect for that event and I am working a loot on it, hopefully everything goes as planned.

Tung tung, si e kaluat javen qe shkoi? Une e kam pase mjafte chill, jo shume pune, kryesisht ne shtepi tu ndegju muzike. Por, duke fillu prej sot nuk kom me pase kohe te lire po veq pune. Javen tjeter marre pjese ne nje event te rendesishem per mua keshtu qe, kom fillu me u pergadite mire dhe mezi spo pres te shkoj.

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