January 3, 2016

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My very first post this year :). I was surfing through some fashion editorials looking for some inspiration for my upcoming outfits. Therefore, I decided to share some with you guys and inspire you a little as well.



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Inspirations, Looks


December 7, 2015


The cold weather is officially here and actually I couldn’t wait. I have so many coats in my wardrobe and they were all waiting to be worn. I could say that a coat is one of my favorite pieces and it definitely makes the outfit look pretty cool. So, today I’m sharing some of the coats that I fell in love with after browsing through different websites. I also fell in love with the one I am wearing in these pictures; I got from FDF Boutique here in Prishtina. Which one is your favorite?

Ditet e ftohta definitivsht kane ardhe….une mezi qe prisja. Duke e marre parasyshe se kam shuume pallta dhe jakne te dirmit ne dollap doja qe ti veshi te gjitha. Po ashtu, jam nje fanse e madhe e palltave dhe mendoj se e bejne veshjen te duket cool dhe bukur. Sot deshta te i shperndaj me ju disa fotografi te palltave te preferuara te cilat i morra nga webfaqe te ndryshme, si: ZARA, Nasty Gal, Isabel Marant, etc. Po ashtu me pelqen shume kjo te cilen e kam veshur une dhe e gjeta tek dyqani FDF ne Prishtine. Cila eshte e preferuara juaj? Continue Reading…