January 31, 2016


Looking good is a boost to self esteem and self-esteem is an aid to professional success as well as personal and romantic well-being. Iโ€™m unarguably happy for the existence of blow-dries, waxing and manicures. To stay chipper, itโ€™s vital to know, how to find joy in small things along the way: a new lipstick, a P.G. Wodehouse novel, a sunny day, a perfect mushroom soup, a great pair of shoes.ย These things may be small in themselves, but they add up to something important.ย  Continue Reading…



January 28, 2016

fbA88A0500 fbA88A0513โ€˜How would you define your style?โ€™ Is a question I get asked quite often, from my followers, magazines, journalists, etc. It might sound like such a simple question to others, but personally I think itโ€™s quite hard one to answer. I think my style is very eclectic and changes so much. I really like casual looks but I also pay attention to details to make the look more stylish. In fact think that I donโ€™t put much effort on choosing my outfits and my they often depend on my mood. If Iโ€™m feeling like wearing something colorful, I go for the colors, if not I go for โ€˜all blackโ€™ outfits. So definitely, my style depends on different circumstances: like the way I feel, my surroundings, the music I listen to that day and many other aspects. Continue Reading…



January 25, 2016

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Happy Monday everyone. Today I am sharing a new outfit post and I hope you like it. I was in Thessaloniki during the weekend so I took some time to shoot my outfit. I am in literally in love with my vintage jacket, I bought it in Tirana last year during summer and I just couldn’t wait to wear it. I love unique pieces like this one and I was super happy when I found it. Continue Reading…

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January 18, 2016

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Barcelona baby, youโ€™ve got my love. For only 4 days in the city I happened to fall completely in love with its magical beauty. It was my plan to visit a new place in the beginning of 2016 and I am so happy I chose Barcelona for this trip. It was only pleasure and no work, well of course I was taking lots and lots of pictures for my blog but that is one of the parts I enjoy most when traveling to a new place. It is also so much fun when you travel with friends, right? And this time I traveled together with Gonxhe and Anyla. We were waking up quite early and the whole day we were exploring the city.

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