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COACHELLA STORY: The best looks

April 18, 2016

8f5e4f3923d49287f20a3cae30d7fac9 70a9fdcaf1912b5c19642cf3f69bb7c4a643b52fQuality music, gorgeous weather, people having fun and that typical Californian vibe. One of the coolest music festivals out there is #Coachella, an annual Music and Arts Festival held in California. Since I love almost everything about this Festival I decided to collect some of my favorite looks worn by bloggers, music artists, models, etc and share them with my super cool readers. Continue Reading…



April 4, 2016

1h 2h

My face expression says it all. I’m so happy that spring is here, I even went bare legs the other day….how much I’ve missed that feeling. Continue Reading…