July 3, 2015

Lindex shesh19


How is your week going? Mine is pretty well actually, I’m having a lottt of fun here in Croatia and don’t want this vacation to end. 
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I wanted to share some pictures of my outfit with you guys. We actually shot these pictures for LINDEX brand a few days ago. I had to style an outfit which you girlies can wear during the day. I don’t usually wear heels during the day but I loved how this one-piece looked with these simple heels by Topshop. Actually this outfit would also fit for a romantic date or a night out with the girls.

Did you guys visit Lindex at Grandstore Shopping Mall yet? I can say that all of my pieces bought recently are from Lindex since I fell in love with their boho but super chic style.

Enjoy your weekend,


Lindex Outfit
Topshop shoes

Urime dita e Premtee!

Si po ju shkon kjo jave? E imja eshte perfekte deri tani, po kaloj kohe perfekte ne Kroaci dhe po kam deshire qe ky pushim te mos perfundon :(.

Desha te e shperndaj me ju veshjen e sotme dhe te ju inspiroj paksa per kete nate te Premte vere apo edhe per vikend. I kemi bere kete fotografi me marken Lindex nje jave me heret. Me pelqyen shume keto pantollona nje pjeseshe se si dukeshin me keto kepuce nga Topshop. Rralle here veshi kepuce me take gjate dites mirepo, keto kepuce ishin mjafte te thjeshta dhe me pelqeu kombinimi. Une poashtu do te vishesha keshtu edhe per nje nate romantike apo ndonje nate jashte me shoqe!

Kaloni nje vikend te mire,



Lindex Outfit
Topshop shoes

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