September 9, 2015



Hmmm, who would have said that we would be wearing jackets this soon? πŸ™ Yesterday, as I was planning my outfit for the new post I felt like it was still summer and I could still go for the bare legs. And I did it, but actually it was a bit cold L so, apparently the leather weather is here. I love to wear leather pieces so; in the end I am not that sad about this fact.

Hmmm, kush do te thoshte se kaq shpejte do te veshim jakne? πŸ™ Dje, deri sa e planifikioja veshjen e radhes per blog post ndihesha sa ende jemi ne vere dhe mundem te veshi ndonje fund te shkurter si ky. Mirepo, ne fakt ishte mjafte ftot πŸ™ siq duket, koha e jakneve te lekures arriti. Jam fanse e madhe e jakneve dhe po ashtu fundave (si ky ne foto) apo pantollanave te lekures, keshtu qe per mua nuk eshte edhe aq keq.

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My head is a mess right now as I am constantly applying for my Masters Degree and actually I cannot wait to go back to school. I somehow miss to read and write and submit the assignment on time….or late :P. I guess by January 16 I will begin this new journey that I am planning or latest September 16, let’s wait, work for it and see.

For today I chose an all black outfit. Lately, whenever I go out at night I am wearing black pieces and I don’t know why am into it so much lately. Still, I am in love with this outfit from MANGO. Well, basically everything is from Mango except my shoes.

I need to run now since, I have a TV Show to attend at 13:30 so I’ll leave it here. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where I constantly post pictures, some pretty cool ones ehememem….

Per momentin koken e kam rremuje per shkak se jam duke aplikuar per Master dhe duke u marre me dokumente dhe aplikacione te ndryshme, qe nga nje here eshte shume e lodhshme. Besoj se deri ne Janar 2016 ose ne fillim te Shtatorit do te e filloj rrugetimin e radhes te cilin jam duke e planifikuar, keshtu qe me uroni fat! πŸ™‚

Per sot vendosa te vizhem ne ngjyre te zeze, ngjyren te cilen po e preferoj shume koheve te fundit. Sot jam veshur e gjitha ne MANGO, vetem se kepucet jane ZARA dhe syzet Ray Ban.

Duhet te ngutem per shkak se jam mysafire ne Emisionin Express Roze, per informata shtese do te ju tregoj ne Instagram , keshtu qe mos harroni te me ndejkni.



MANGO: Top, Skirt and Blazer
ZARA Shoes
Ray Ban Sunnies

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