September 4, 2015

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Happy Friday yaaaa’ll

I am super excited that the weekend is almost here especially because the FLEA MARKET will take place tomorrow. For all of you who missed the information, tomorrow there is a Fashion Flea Market taking place at Dit’ e Nat’ from 11:00 – 17:00. I am selling loots of clothes that you guys already saw on my previous blog posts. Also two friends of mine are selling theirs as well, so you will have lots of clothes to buy + the prices are pretty cheap.

Mmmm kete here jam edhe me e lumtur qe po afrohet vikendi pasi qe neser (E Shtune) fillon FLEA MARKET. Per ju qe nuk jeni te informuar ende, neser nga ora 11:00 – 17:00 kemi organizuar Fashion Flea Market ne Dit’ e Nat’ dhe keni me pase rast me i ble shuuume tesha nga ato te cilat i kam veshur ne postet e me parshme ne blog. Po ashtu edhe dy shoqe tjera do te sjellin teshat e tyre, keshtu mos e humbni rastin ble shuume tesha ne cmime super te ulta.

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As you guys noticed already I am not a person who would usually go for the Maxi Skirts, however, I wanted to give it a try and style a Maxi Skirt this time. I think this one is pretty cute with the huge polka dots on it and I got it from 4G Shop here in Prishtina. I was thinking that this would perfectly match with a plain black top as the one that I am wearing from ZARA. Also, first I went for some pair of black heels but after I tried different options I decided that a pair of boots would perfectly match with the outfit. I can’t wait to wear these boots more often though; they are also on the new collection of Gentli, so I would suggest you go check their new collection since is burning hawt, same as the previous ones…..

Have a spicy Friday and don’t forget to come to Dit’ and Nat’ tomorrow. I really want to meet some of you so this would be the perfect chance to buy new clothes and also to meet and greet with the best readers in the wooorld! <3

Siq e keni verejtur tanime nuk jam ndonje person qe preferoj funda te gjere si ky, mirepo sot vendosa te e provoj nje te tille. Sidoqofte, mendoj se ky eshte mjafte terheqes, sidomos ne kombinim me maicen e shkurter te zeze dhe cizmet e zeza nga Gentli Shoes. Se pari e kombinova me nje pale kepuca me take, mirepo ne fund vendosa te zgjedhi cizmet pasi qe per mendimin tim dukeshin shume me bukur dhe me stil. 

Kaloni  nje te Premte sa ma te miiire, po ashtu mos harroni te vini nese ne Dit’ e Nat’. Menxi po pres te i takoj lexuesit e mi ma te miiire ne bote! <3

4G Maxi Skirt
Gentli Boots

ZARA Miace
4G Fund
Gentli Cizme


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