May 8, 2016

1w 7For the mom that goes above and beyond. For the mom who shows love every single moment. For the mom who juggles sixteen things at once. For the mom who is always there to listen. For the mom who cooks our meals, slaves our meals, invents our meals. For the mom who manages to do it all. For the mom who understands. For the mom who believes in us and our dreams. For MY mom! 

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It’s Mothers day today! Since she’s the best and deserves the best I decided to treat her with a unique Pandora gift. Well, she is one big fan of Pandora actually, already owns two bracelets with a variety of charms, so I added a very special charm to her bracelet that writes: BEST MOM! (the one in the pics above).

There were other amazing products at Pandora regarding mom’s day and I am sure all of you can find the perfect gift. Check the website here before visiting the shop at Albi Mall or in the Center of Prishtina.

HAPPY Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

SO much love,



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