September 15, 2015

1Aghh, too bad I am not in New York right now attending all those amazing fashion week shows. Well, hopefully next time. I have been following the shows non-stop online, getting some inspiration from all these new Fall/Winter collections. Actually, I’ve been following the bloggers as well and loved some of the outfit. Leather is definitely having a moment this year: leather boots, leather jacket, leather errrthing.

Aghh, shume keq qe nuk jam ne Javen e Modes ne New York, hmmm shpresoj qe heren tjeter. Kam qene duke i percjellur kolekcionet e shume dizajnereve online dhe natyrsisht qe jam inspiru shume per Vjeshte/Dimer. Ne fakt, me kane pelqyer po ashtu shume veshje te blogereve si Patricia Manfield, Chiara Ferragni, Eleonora Carisi.257 8 911 12 13 15

I’ve also noticed once again that most of them are wearing denim and leather pieces with so many prints on them, it looks so cool, I love it! To add some fashion week vibes to my life from NYC to PRC hahaaa I thought about wearing my beloved vintage denim jacket for this post, with my name on it, yes of course #RITA.

E kam verejtur se prap kete vit blogeret kane veshur shume material te farmerkes dhe lekure me shkrime dhe vizatime te ndryshme. Keshtu qe, per me i sjelle pak vibes prej New York ne Prishtine vendosa qe per kete post te e veshi jaknen time te preferuar nga LEVI’S, me emrin tim mrapa, natyrisht, #RITAAAA.

Have a super duper productive Wednesday.



Ferdi Noberda

LEVI’S Vintage Denim Jacket
ZARA Turtleneck
Nike Roche


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