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July 10, 2015

10 5 4My adventure has come to an end. Before flying to Croatia I was telling my mom that two weeks is way too long for a vacation these days and she was telling me the exact opposite, that two weeks is actually nothing.

image (42) image (39) 20 19 18 17 15 14 13 12 11 8 7 3 1I went to Croatia with my Mom, sister and my super duper lovely niece. Well, my niece was pretty much the entertainment during these two weeks, gosh she’s such a happy kid.

We began our trip with a stop in Zagreb. I have visited Zagreb also a few years ago but I mostly forgot how much I liked that city. So this time we spent two full days there while going and also another full day while coming back.

I’m pretty sure we visited every little corner since we were walking all day long. But what’s better than getting lost while exploring a new city. We had the most delicious food so just follow me on Instagram and you’ll see everything I did during these past two weeks. We also took the Funicular Railway System, which is known as the shortest public transportation, but yet it takes you to a place where you’re able to see the whole city from the top, so if you’re visitng Zagreb I suggest you take this short transportation.

After Zagreb we went by train to Rijeka and after Rijeka straight to KRK, where our friend picked us up by car. The train from Zagreb to Rijeka was the definition of slow, you know the irony? It was written express train, haha! Well I couldn’t sleep and I preferred reading Hemingway instead, so that ride had its benefits also.

Another 10 days in KRK went by so fast. I love that place and I have been there a few years ago as well. The beach was amazing, the sea was dead beautiful and crystal clear plus the weather was gorgeous.

During these 10 days I tried to inspire myself as much as I could from the view and the whole special experience. I enjoyed reading ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg which somehow gave me strength and also contributed on making me more assertive towards the decisions that I take. And what I loved most about it is that it explains how ‘fear’ is one of the main factors of preventing us on doing what we love most, so fear how about you get out of my face haha! I also enjoyed reading ‘The Sun also Rises’ by Hemingway. My goal was to read two books during this vacation so I am happy for keeping the promise!

Well, you know what was also pretty good about this trip? It was ‘sale’ time haha. I shopped so much but I couldn’t resist since almost all the pieces were on sale . I’ll show you guys some of the new pieces on Instagram @ritasaraqi.

I’d like to write so much about this trip but it is quite long already.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and the writing.


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