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COACHELLA STORY: The best looks

April 18, 2016

8f5e4f3923d49287f20a3cae30d7fac9 70a9fdcaf1912b5c19642cf3f69bb7c4a643b52fQuality music, gorgeous weather, people having fun and that typical Californian vibe. One of the coolest music festivals out there is #Coachella, an annual Music and Arts Festival held in California. Since I love almost everything about this Festival I decided to collect some of my favorite looks worn by bloggers, music artists, models, etc and share them with my super cool readers.8685c6b5c93600bc2d750a09d9f8bd14 coachella-2015 Coachella-2015-Trends-Looks-and-Most-Memorable-Moments-1 coachella-street-style-2015-mimi-elashiry 03-coachella-street-style-21gigi-hadid-michael-dumler-coachella (2) image41123080-1_og_gallery 1123082-1_og_gallery 1123085-1_og_gallery 1123087-1_og_gallery
I am definitely planning to go to a music festival this summer and I already have in mind how I’d want my outfits to look like. I hope you girls are getting inspired from these looks that I shared and are ready to rock your outfits on the next summer festival you attend. Which outfit is your favorite though?



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