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February 12, 2018

Launching my OWN brand has been in my plans for a while now. Due to other responsibilities I didn’t have the chance to focus properly and work on it the way I wanted. SO, the time has come and I am over the moon to share with you my first personal line. Jumpers have been and always will be one of my most preferred pieces to wear and style. Also Prishtina is cold as fuck in winters, so I had to make something that keeps us warm and looks hot as hell. I think I managed.

Heartbreaks can be painful: sleepless nights, overthinking, self criticism, grey and blue days. But pain can sometimes bring out the best of you, and that’s exactly what it did to me. Going through a heartache has inspired me to be more frank and open to vulnerability, which in the end resulted in me creating something beautiful, meaningful and personal.

So, starting today, all of you guys can shop my clothes online here: and in less than a month I am also opening my store but will give you all the details once it is opened. A lot is happening and I am working so much just to make everything look perfect, so I am really hoping that you love everything as much as I do creating them.

ALL of this wouldn’t be possible if my closest ones didn’t help me, so def I want thank my friends for listening to me talk about it everyday, lol. I’d also like to thank the team I worked with. We worked hard but we also had so much fun and were most certainly on the same page to achieve something amazing. We shot loads of pictures in different days but it was all worth it. And lastly, I mainly want to thank my family who supports me everyday on everything in every way.

I hope you’ll join me in my new journey and we’ll have fun and new cool pieces added to our wardrobes starting today.

forever yours,


Photography: ANDI DECANI
Make-up: Saranda Ismaili
Hair style: Vogue Hair
Models: Rita Saraci & Nita Krasniqi
Location: Matisse, Rruga B

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