July 27, 2015


Can’t believe that summer is passing by sooo fast! I really want it to last longer. It is mad hot in Prishtine for a few weeks not but still that’s what summer is about.

What are some of the things that you always dream to do during the summer? I’m pretty sure we all think of the long summer nights, drinks at the beach, warm kisses and hugs, new friendships and summer love. Is there anything else you guys can think of? Because at the moment nothing else pops into my mind.

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This is another collaboration I did a few weeks ago with Lindex Store. I am just in love with their pieces that is why we shot all these pictures haha. There were tons of beach pieces that I liked and couldn’t resist them. This time I chose this baby blue dress for the beach and the super cool hat which makes my look so much better. I also chose the other beach dress on blue and white, love that one as well.

Which one is your favorite though? And did you girls visit Lindex already and did you like the pieces as much as I do???

Sending you some love on a MONDAY!



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