November 10, 2015

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7 November, one of the most special days of my life…Woke up at 6:30 AM, as usual…but this time full of stress, didn’t even sleep well because of all the things I had on my mind that night. I get ready slowly; make myself a coffee and starting thinking. I have a 4 hour test (TOEFL) to attend in an hour and then right after I finish everything I just have to get ready for my brother’s wedding. Feels bad not to be part of the family gathering fully on this special day…but sometimes there’s nothing you can do.

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Well, the day passed by so fast, felt like only 2 minutes, literally. I guess ‘time flies when you have fun.’ And all that mattered that day was that we were happy, my family and I. I also felt amazing seeing Reis and Dafina that happy as well. I wish them the best in their lives together!

Last but not least I have to thank so much also all the people who collaborated with me to look this stylish: dress designed by Valdrin Sahiti, my makeup by Studio Sellma, hair style by Vogue Hair, also my handmade crown was one of my favorite pieces of that night, made by Egzona (handmade). Thanks once again everyone! <3

Photography: Norik Uka



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  • Reply Kristin Einars March 10, 2017 at 8:02 pm

    Drop dead gorgeous! This whole outfit and style suits you amazingly.

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