October 7, 2015

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Well, hello babes? How was the past week? I was feeling so good and chill, pretty much all I did was enjoy some time alone at home doing nothing, except listening to music all day long. But starting today I will not have the luxury of ‘chilling all day long.’ I am traveling next week for a big event, you’ll get to know about it on Instagram in two days, so don’t forget to follow me. So, everything needs to be perfect for that event and I am working a loot on it, hopefully everything goes as planned.

Tung tung, si e kaluat javen qe shkoi? Une e kam pase mjafte chill, jo shume pune, kryesisht ne shtepi tu ndegju muzike. Por, duke fillu prej sot nuk kom me pase kohe te lire po veq pune. Javen tjeter marre pjese ne nje event te rendesishem per mua keshtu qe, kom fillu me u pergadite mire dhe mezi spo pres te shkoj.

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My collaboration with Lindex will continue for autumn as well and I am beyond happy. They have the most gorgeous pieces and I instantly fell in love with the new ones that arrived in stock recently. This outfit though is all Lindex, except the shoes, they are from Gentli’s new collection and I am in love, aghhh I have so many ‘favorite’ pieces at the moment, can’t help it.

What do you girls think of my outfit? Would you wear something similar for a chilly autumn day? I I hope YES.

Have a good Wednesday.

Bashkepunimin me Lindex do t’a vazhdojme edhe per koleksionin Vjeshte/Dimer dhe jom shumee e lumtur. Ne Lindex gjej shume shume tesha te cilat me pelqejne dhe me pershtaten jashte mase dhe koleksioni i fundit qe ka arritur se fundmi kishte teper gjera te bukura. Disa prej tyre i shihni ne keto fotografi qe po i shperndaj me ju sot.

Shpresoj qe edhe ju po e gjeni veten ne kete kombinim dhe do t’a konsideronit si veshje per nje dite vjeshte.



Lindex Outfit
GentliShoes (Vagabond) Shoes

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