November 18, 2015

3The past weeks in Prishtina have been just beautiful, even though it’s autumn the sun has been constantly shining.  I’m finally done with all the test so, this week I’m just taking some time to rest but also meeting different people to begin new projects.

Javet e fundit ne Prishtine kane qene teper te bukura. Edhe pse Vjeshta ka ardhe, dielli vazhdimisht po shendrit. Me ne fund i kom perfundu krejt testet, keshtuqe, kete jave kam kohe me pushu po ne te njejten kohe me fillu me takime te ndryshme per projekte te reja.

Well, a new season equals to putting warmer clothes back in the drawers. I rearranged my closet yesterday and to tell you the truth I was a bit sad to remove all my summer pieces from the closet and replace them with autumn/winter pieces.

Pra, nje sezon i ri therret per tesha te reja (me te nxehta) ne dollap. Dje e kam riorganizuar dollapin tim dhe per te ju thene te verteten ndihesha e merzitur pasi u desht te i largoj teshat e veres dhe te i zavendesoj me ato te vjeshtes dhe dimrit.4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

This time I chose to wear denim jacket and denim shorts and a super cute knit, all the pieces are from Springfield, which is located in Albi Shopping Mall. I definitely have a special relationship with knits: I think they are super stylish but at the same time they keep me sooo warm, I just love wearing them nonstop during autumn and winter. Also, a knit like this one cannot go unnoticed, it just has the coolest patterns and somehow these patterns transmit the Christmas/cozy vibes.

Kete here zgjodha te vesh jakne dhe shorce denim ne kombinim me kete xhemper te lezetshem dhe te nxehte po ashtu, te gjitha nga Springfield, qe ndodhet ne Albi Mall. Definitivisht, kam nje lidhje te vecante me xhempera te nxehte, perveq qe jane te bute dhe te mbajne nxehte mendoj se jane shume stylish po ashtu. Sidomos, ky qe kam veshur sot ka dizajn qe nuk mund te mos verehet.

Well, you can also find other cool pieces from Springfield as well, so, I invite you all to take a look at their website by clicking HERE.  I’m more than positive you can find some fun things to wear this fall. And don’t forget to share your choices with me!

Besoj se mundeni me gjete shume tesha te veqanta dhe qe ju pershtaten per vjeshte dhe dimer nga Springfield, keshtuqe, mos harroni te klikoni KETU dhe te gjeni ate qe ju pershtatet.

Lots of love,


Springfield Denim Jacket
Springfield Knit Sweater
Springfield Bag
Springfield Gloves
Hunter Boots

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