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March 25, 2015

IMG_1515HELLO Guys, how’s this week going? I know you have seen a number of outfit posts from me lately, however, I constantly receive emails that you guys want to know more about me, my style, my preferences, so I thought of sharing with you some of the things that you don’t know about me!

Here it goes: 7 things you DIDN’T know about ME!

  1. I love to DANCE. Whoop Whoop any crazy dancers around here? I just love dancing and I don’t really care when people stare at the club… I mean do you go to the clubs to stare or dance, cuz I clearly want to lose all my energy dancing and I’ve got no time to lose there.
  2. I don’t eat meat. Well I am not a vegetarian but I ACTUALLY never liked meat, even when I was a kid, my mom always mentions that. In the beginning I didn’t like it but in the recent years I have also noticed my love towards animals and now my answers also begin and end with me wanting to put an end to animal suffering.
  3. I am a workaholic. Literally. Everyone who surrounds me knows that fact! I just enjoy working so much that I cannot stay calm without doing something, even at the office, or while I am at home blogging or anything else. Gosh, I need to chill a little!
  4. I wear GLASSES every time I’m on a computer. I spend a great amount of time on the computer but still have a good sight. I guess the reason is that I always wear the glasses that protect my eyes from the screen and actually I’m quite proud of this habit of mine! J
  5. I LOVE to travel! You know that already hahaa, but I need to mention and emphasize that super important fact!
  6. I’m too confident! I am not sure whether it is good or bad….I think it depends from certain circumstances. Still, I feel confident towards anything I do. I guess the confidence has highly helped me achieve the goals I intended to reach and also helped come this far.
  7. ASK ME and I’ll tell you.

Love you all!


  1. Më pëlqen shumë të vallëzoj: Whoop whoop a kemi valltare ketu pari? Kam deshire shume te vallzoj dhe nuk me intereson aspak kur njerezit ne klube shiqojne ne menyre te quditshme. Pyetja ime eshte se a shkoni ne klub per te vallzuar apo per te shikuar haha???
  2. NUK ha mish. Nuk jam vegjetariane mirepo prej e vogel nuk me ka pelqyer mishi. Ne fillim vetem nuk me ka pelqyer por viteve te fundit e verej se ndihem keq ne te njejten kohe per vuajtjen e kafsheve.
  3. Jam nje WORKAHLIC! Bukfalisht. Cdo person qe me njeh me mire e din kete fakt. Me pelqen shume te punoj dhe nuk mund te rri gjate pa bere asgje. Nga nje here i them vetes se duhet te chillis pak! J
  4. I vendoj syzet sa here qe jam ne kompjuter! Kaloj shume kohe para kompjuterit dhe ka dy vite qe i kam marre syzet per mbrojte te syve te cilat i perdore gjithmone kur jam duke punuar ne kompjuter. Mendoj se ky eshte nje zakon mjafte i mire i imi.
  5. Me pelqen SHUME te udhetoj! Nje fakt qe tanime e dini te gjithe ju qe me percjellni por sidoqofte duhet gjithmone te e theksoj haha!
  6. Kam mjafte besim ne vete: dhe nuk e di se a eshte gje e mire apo jo, mirepo besoj se varet nga rrethanat. Sido qofte, mendoj se ky besim me ka ndihmuar ne shume eksperienca te jetes deri tash dhe po ashtu me ka ndihmuar shume te arrij aty ku jam sot!
  7. ME PYETNI ate qe doni te dini!

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