February 28, 2015


Hello everyone, how’s your weekend. Today I went for an all black look and I somehow felt like a French girl! 🙂

Therefore, today I am sharing ways how to look more French.

7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg3.jpg2.jpg    1. Effortless Accessorizing
A French girl would never put much thought into her accessories! Don’t worry too much about whether they match. An unexpected color can be a good thing. Leave your hair hanging loose under you hat & don’t get too fussy with tying your scarf.

    2. Wear an LBD (Little Black Dress)
When it comes to a racy LBD, French girls show us that less is more. Simply slip on a classic pair of sexy black pumps for a ‘I decided to come last minute and yes, I wake up looking this good’ vibe haaa!

    3. Messy Hair: Don’t Care
Don’t put too much effort on your hair, just let them dry naturally. Also, don’t wear too much bling bling.

    4. Little to no Make-Up
French girls show us that for a day out not much make up is needed, they go for the natural look. “Be generous [with mascara] on your top and bottom lashes, to accentuate your look and disguise any bags under your eyes.”

    5. Flats Are Your Friend
For what I’ve seen so far, I have noticed French girls mostly go for the flats. Especially, if you know that your day will be rather busy always go for the flats, you might as well run and heels don’t really give us that ability.

Today though I went for the heels but I knew that my day would be not that busy! 😛

Mango Coat
ZARA Dress
Bershka Shoes
Louis Vuitton Bag

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