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July 20, 2017

I definitely do not fall on the ‘own all designer pieces’ spectrum. To me it is way more satisfying to own clothes of relatively casual brands, buuut, every now and then surprise/reward myself with a more expensive designer piece. Also, when the time is right, I prefer getting those pieces online, rather than walking into shops, lazy I know, but I’ve got some good reasons. Frankly, I love online shopping: stumbling on websites, scrolling up and down, not moving from the sofa and ordering what the heart desires (food, ups naah, I meant clothes), 21st century has been very very kind to fashionistas.

So, lately (obviously taking full advantage of the sale season) I have been looking to find some good websites that offer various brands and a variety of choices to get designer pieces, and I came through They are offering pieces for both men and women, from an array of stunning brands (that I am a big fan of) such as, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Céline, Chloé, Comme Des Garçons, Moncler, Vetements, god I could go for hours, but yeah you get the point.

I certainly found some amazing items on the website that I am listing below, also, they are definitely considered as some of the main trending items that all fashionistas are queuing up for.
So, look closely below:

  1. Tea Dresses:
    Definitely the number one fashion piece of the moment. Tea dresses are just the perfect choice for hot summer days: colorful with cute little flower prints, flowers? for summer? groundbreaking! Plus, not to forget the nice material and how comfy they are. No wonder we see all Instagram fashionistas wearing them, who doesn’t want to look stylish and super comfy at the same time? Also, When it comes to styling they match quite easily and look good with everything. For example: wear them with sneakers; a pair of sliders; a pair of cowboy boots, trust me everything works.
  2. Sandals:
    Well, sandals have been the hottest shoe trends for summer for a few years now. Whether at the beach or at a summer festival, sandals have been worn by all fashion lovers, either sporty or more elegant ones.  Some of my favorites from the sport category are: plain Adidas and Fila; whereas from the more chic, elegant category are Aquazzura, Robert Clegerie, Tod’s, etc.
  3. Small goodies:
    Good things come in tiny packages, right? Well, Spring/Summer 17 season has brought the emphasis on small, super cute bags. Whether when meeting your best friends for a cup of coffee during a sunny day or a martini for a spicy night, small bags are considered the answer to make the outfit stand out.
  4. Tees and Shirts as Dresses
    Whoever knows me also knows my obsessions to wear big tees and shirts as dresses, cuz really who needs pants? Pants…they’re just too tight, sometimes un-comfy, sometimes comfy but don’t match with the tee, sometimes cool but too baggy, at times big and need a belt…ok, yeah, enough, I made my point. Tees, though, are very welcomed during every summer, and this time we’ve noticed the strong presence of statement tees, I guess, we just feel like ‘saying it out loud’. On the other hand, shirts also look amazing during summer; I love it when I get a shade of brown and I wear a white shirt as a dress with a pair of sliders and a clutch, could say that this look is one of my all time favorite summer looks. So, I collected some of my preferred tees and shirts from actuel B, and I am sure that one of them will fit your style, so I’d highly recommend you try the look. In the end even if you don’t buy the tee, just steal it from your boyfriend or, easy, don’t return it to your ex. So m-a-n-y options….

All of these amazing items are currently on sale, however, as I noticed from the actuel B webpage the sale is on only until 8th of August, so turn your binge online shopping mood on and get those pieces for way cheaper prices… and stop thinking, we all know that ‘nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy’ hah. So yeah, moral of the story is that actuel B has become my favorite online destination and obviously you should try it too.

Have an amazing weekend everyone, with loads of shopping, sun, sea, and love…always.

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    awesome tips, thanks for the help!! Check out ours as well:

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    Great post!!
    Check out these dresses as well..

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