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My stay at ‘The Stay Nisantasi’

October 8, 2018

The Stay is definitely now added to the list of my most favorite hotels. I have stayed at The Stay Nisantasi for 4 nights this September. I travel very often to Istanbul for work and get the chance to work with amazing hotels. This time I’ll share my story about The Stay and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did my time there. 

So, its 21:35 or 40 and my sister and I arrive at the airport. I love traveling with her its so much fun and also she acts like my personal assistant because she knows me best lol. This time we were extra excited since it has been a few months that we didn’t get the chance to travel together since she gave birth recently, so it was like a honeymoon for us lolll. 

So, we get to the airport and get a cab to take us to the Hotel, we just talk and laugh the whole journey and talk about how amazing the whole trip will be. So we get to the hotel and of course the hospitality is beyond amazing. I am just chatting to my sister and begin telling her about my trip to Brussels, since I literally got back from Brussels and hopped on a plane to Turkey. So I begin telling her everything about the trip. Of course I complain how the wi-fi wasn’t working and I had loads of work to do and as I’m mentioning work it hits me that I don’t have my laptop with me!!!! And that isn’t just any laptop, I literally have e-very-thing in it. My first blog posts, my first FAR plans, loads of photo-shoots for FAR, and idk pretty everything ive worked on so far.

But to cut it short cuz I just noticed how much I’ve talked up to now lol, I inform the receptionist immediately. Even though it has been 2 hours that I lost my laptop, it took the hotel team only 10 minutes to inform me that they’ve contacted the airport and found my laptop. 

So, if you have followed my trip on Instagram and my Instagram stories you have definitely seen the hotel, since I have posted every part of it. But i still want to tell you more through this article and also through the pictures shown below. Continue Reading…

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June 1, 2018

Uh, I have missed summer so much. This trip though, was a perfect beginning to my summer. We discussed with VAS TOUR a few months ago to have a collaboration at some of the hotels that they work with, in order to show the people these amazing places and we chose these two to start with: Rixos Premium Tekirova and Amara Dolce Vita.

So, I invited my best friend, Renea, to join me for this trip. We packed our bags: obviously planned my most summerish outfits and took with me the swimwear I just bought, and was ready to head to Turkey for an exceptional experience. It was 5 pm when I left my apartment, was literally running back from work to get my stuff, grab a cab, get Renea on the way and head to the airport. In Prishtina 4-6 pm is the rush hour so it’s definitely the worst time to drive around. Because of that I was so stressed that we wouldn’t make it on time, but yeah thats just the stress I get for almost every flight lol.

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March 2, 2018

I have been spending quite some time at Teuta’s Beauty Salon. Well, I love having face treatments as often as possible, tbh I dont mind every other day either, but I’m sure soon enough Teuta will tell me to go away!!! lol kidding. The environment is so relaxed and chilled that I just cannot help it. I have tried many face treatments there, as: Oxygen Therapy, the one with micronized algae, the acid treatment (for exfoliation of dead skin cells) and they work really well on my face, I can notice the after natural glow and also my skin feels more hydrated and healthier. I am also currently using Thalgo face products that Teuta recommended based on my skin type and they are working very well so far, you can also see some pictures with this blog post, or google them and read reviews on them online. 

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February 12, 2018

Launching my OWN brand has been in my plans for a while now. Due to other responsibilities I didn’t have the chance to focus properly and work on it the way I wanted. SO, the time has come and I am over the moon to share with you my first personal line. Jumpers have been and always will be one of my most preferred pieces to wear and style. Also Prishtina is cold as fuck in winters, so I had to make something that keeps us warm and looks hot as hell. I think I managed.

Heartbreaks can be painful: sleepless nights, overthinking, self criticism, grey and blue days. But pain can sometimes bring out the best of you, and that’s exactly what it did to me. Going through a heartache has inspired me to be more frank and open to vulnerability, which in the end resulted in me creating something beautiful, meaningful and personal.

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